Can Natural Disasters and Calamities Affect Currencies?

Those working in the finance field, including forex professionals, use international currency as a barometer for how well the world economy is doing. If a country's currency drops in value, this can have an adverse effect all over the world. Currency Exchange (Photo credit: Images_of_Money) But what affects currency? Could something far removed from the use of money really affect the status of world currencies? Calamities and Currency If you're wondering how natural disasters affect currency, you're probably thinking about the calamities that have occurred in the last few decades. … [Read more...]

Basic Currency Terms That You Should Learn to Remember

Photo credit: Images_of_Money Maybe you're looking into loan options for your first new car. Maybe you're about to make an offer on a house, or you'd like to start making some trading and investment decisions. Whatever your case may be, there are a few basic terms in the world of finance that you need to understand before making any major choices. APR: When making a loan or credit card payment, this is the rate that you will be charged for each transaction. So if your monthly payment is $200 with a 2.5 percent APR, you need to pay an additional $5 on each payment. You might find a fixed … [Read more...]

The Declining Value of the US Dollar: A Brief Background

The Declining Value of the US Dollar: A Brief Background When speaking on economic recessions and depressions, the culprit is usually a lifestyle of borrowing and owing money. The most recent declining value of the US dollar is no different. The United States’ dollar has declined the past few years, nose diving sharply at some point in 2008. A brief background of the dollar’s decline highlights the housing market, bank bailouts and solutions to turn the economy around. The dollar’s most recent decline is highly regarded as the worst since The Great Depression of the 1930’s. A … [Read more...]

Foreign Exchange Terms That Can Make or Break Your Business

Not all money is created equal. Anyone who has traveled to different countries knows the variable nature of currency exchange. Foreign Exchange (Forex) takes the principles of trading one currency for another to the highest degree. It's akin to a stock market where the idea is to buy low and sell high. Unlike many stock markets, Forex trades six days a week 24 hours a day. Individuals, global banks and financial institutions, and even governments are involved in Forex. Rates can change in seconds, turning a profitable trade into a devastating loss for those who do not act. Forex can be … [Read more...]

3 Most Convenient Ways To Buy an Airline Ticket

The web has made spending your money pretty easy. With the right Internet connection and stack of credit cards, you could easily spend all the money you have (or will ever make in a lifetime) in a matter of minutes. But just because something is really easy doesn't mean it is the best way. Easy vs. Convenient                 Image Courtesy of Flickr   The easiest way to get down to the ground off a bridge is to jump, but it is probably not the method any of us would choose. Instead of finding the easy way, it is often … [Read more...]

3 Tips in Saving your Company From Bankruptcy

Every year, thousands of small businesses file for bankruptcy. For the lucky few, bankruptcy can save a business from closing their doors forever, but for the majority of small businesses bankruptcy is only the beginning of the end. If you have a dream of becoming a successful small business owner, it is best to avoid bankruptcy at all costs. The following three tips are ones small business owners can use to protect their business from ending up in a situation where bankruptcy is the only solution. Be Hands on With the Company’s Finances Many business owners make the mistake of … [Read more...]

Emergency Loans for Cash-Strapped Parents

No one ever said that being a parent is easy, but today’s parents seem to face more challenges than ever before. From childbirth to college, parenting brings incredible challenges, untold anguish and enormous joy. Somehow, it’s all worth it—but the economic challenges that come with parenting have turned childcare into a much bigger responsibility.   For parents who find themselves in an emergency with regards to paying their medical care and other emergency expenses, short-term financing will help cover the cost of raising their children. Fortunately, some lending companies … [Read more...]

Analyzing International Markets

Tackling the international market will require acute knowledge of the various types of foreign markets that are currently available. Companies must analyze international markets through organized methods that are uniquely designed based on said company's objectives, allowing the company to decide which market to enter. Choosing Your Market When you are choosing a foreign market, consider the following: Does your business venture have any real potential for success? Is there a demand for your product? It is important to determine if there is a demand for your product. Just … [Read more...]

Easy Money For Your Hospital Bills

Emergency medical expenses can add up in no time and can quickly become an unmanageable amount of debt. Whether you chipped a tooth and require oral surgery, or your son flew over his handlebars, unexpected medical expenses are stressful, especially when you're already short on funds. When all hope seems lost, the following financing options can help you get the cash you need to get emergency medical help when you have lack savings or medical insurance to help with the costs. Image from Flickr Know Your Options Your circumstances will decide the type of loan needed to offset medical … [Read more...]

Financial Advice for Newlyweds

The Honeymoon's Over: Time to Budget One of the smartest moves newlyweds can make is learning to budget their money as soon as they get married. Often times newly married couples do not take the time to sit down and work out a budget that they both agree upon. This leads not only to financial problems but has the potential of leading to relationship problems as well. Here are some important steps to making a budget and learning smart spending habits. Study Both Incomes Whether each person is working or one is staying at home or going to school, it is important to look at each income and … [Read more...]