Telling Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing, and scary, experiences in a woman's life. But it's just as scary for a man, too. You won't be able to hide your pregnancy for long, and it's his right to know he'll be a father soon. So you might as well break it to him. There are a couple of ways to start this week by week pregnancy. First off, make sure your husband is very comfortable before you begin to tell him. A great way to break it to him is over his favorite type of dinner, or when you're both cuddled up watching a movie. While that advice might sound like it comes straight out of a … [Read more...]

Family Togetherness is the Heart of Successful Home Economics

  Image by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr The national economic crisis affects home economics for newly weds, children, and families. Key findings of the American Psychological Association (APA) annual Stress in America™ survey show money, work and the economy are principle stressors. Parents overwhelmingly cite family responsibilities as stressors. However, less than 1 in 3 parents believe they successfully manage stress.  Reports show the majority of parents are unaware that their children are affected by their stress. Yet, 1 out of 3 children report duress, including … [Read more...]

First-time parents: A different state of emotional and physical readiness.

People who are expecting their first child have every reason to be cheerful and take necessary steps. It is a joyous experience. It is about taking the situation as a major turning point in the lives of both the partners. The physical and mental state should be ready and prepared to accept the situation first. They would have an added responsibility. Parents need to devote their time and spend it more with the family. The relationship between husband and wife would also take its destined shape. The biggest challenge for first-time parents is to keep the burning flame of passion alive and … [Read more...]

Home Expenses: Truly an investment to be Made!

It is a thrilling prospect to carry diverse folks come collectively plus expends on things that they like to buy. It spreads positive energy and a whole different experience is realized to the concept of home expenses. When everybody knows that the shopping list is going to get ready and they have their own things to be asked or added for, then it strengthens the family ties. There are no second thoughts about it that home expenses must be met and managed in time. It seems to be an important factor for peaceful existence of family members at one place and working together as a single … [Read more...]

Home economics: An interesting concept of learning and growing with it.

The challenge is worth-discussing about. It is an integral part of everybody’s household life. This is one of the key driving forces behind professional and social achievements made in most of the cases. We all would like to see ourselves living in abundance and it starts from managing home economics first. Every family has a different set of responsibilities and social status to be maintained. They need to take decisions well in advance. Home economics is more about managing resources and putting the pieces in order. It is not an easy task by any stretch of imagination. The present social … [Read more...]